Welcome to our trust..

Who are we? 

We are a group of human beings who have a heart for the poor and needy part of the society. We want to help them in many aspects as much as possible from our side selflessly. 

What we are planning to do? 

We are planning to find out the poor and needy part of the society in all over Assam. We will identify their needs and try to find out some solutions for that. If we think that we can help them to solve out their problems, then we will proceed for that. 

What will be our fields of work? 

Mainly we will work on health education including personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene, education against passive smoking etc etc; occasional health camps, deworming drives, distribution of public donations like cloths, rice etc in camps and many other social activities.

What we want from you? 

We want participation from you in our mission. It may be active participation or passive. You can donate at least Rs.500 or more as per your convenience per month in the name of our trust. This donation will not go in vain. It will reach the needy in some of the above mentioned form. 

Are we a registered trust? 

Yes, we are registered.

What is our future aim? 

We will try to expand the trust and make it an independent organization. We will also try to refund the money that our trustees have donated till then. And along with all the trustees we will try to open a house for the wandering lunatics in the distant future. Another aim is to organize some mobile psychiatric consultation drives to those who keep their parents in old age homes.